Our Products (Export)

Since 2008 We Are Exporting :


Hydrochloric Acid 35%

Calcium Chloride 74% & 99%

Bleaching Powder 30%

 Caustic Soda (Liquid/Lye 49%)


In Order to Facilitate, Support & Strengthen Our Position for Exports of HCL &

Caustic Soda (Liquid). We are In process of Building Filling Facility for Liquid  

Chemicals in the Precinct of Port Qasim Industrial Area, which is only 9 kms

from Port.


After Completion, It will provide faster shipments to all our Customers, especially

for Customers interested in buying ISO Tanks. The facility will be in position to

return ISO Tanks to port on the same day (daily basis) after filling.


    It will definitely minimize the idle time as our customers will have faster

turnaround of ISO Tanks.



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